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I love the creepy folk art animation feel to this.

Thank you!!

You are great. 

Thank you alot

Thank you <3

I am in love with this artstyle! If you are still looking for ideas, a chopping animation for the character with the axe would be cool!

Thanks so much! Yes, this is the kind of suggestion I'm looking for, perfect! I will add it to the list :)

You are welcome! I also sent you a DM on Twitter with some new character ideas!

please keep drawing this style

Thnk you! I'll make more packs like this one if I have the time, feel free to send me an email if you have suggestions

I love it, exactly what i was looking for. thanks

Thank you!

This is an incredible pack thank you! currently working on a game with this art, is there any chance you will be making more packs similar to this? with character death animations, attack animations for example 

thanks again for such a great pack! 

all the best  

Thank you! I'd love to see the game! At the moment I wasn't thinking of other packs related to this but it wouldn't be a bad idea if I have the time, feel free to send me a mail with suggestions if you want! You can find it in the .txt with all my contacts.

Thank you again!

hello, im a programer, do you want to make a game?

Wow, absolutely beautiful expression of art. Well done.

Thank you!!

can i use for my amateur commercial game?

Sure! I'd love to see what comes out so come back and leave a link or tag me on social networks if you want :) 

Can I use for commercial?

Yes! I'm courious about it so come back and leave a link to your game or tag me on social network if you'd like :)